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dying from pom

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Nov. 23rd, 2007 | 08:36 pm

well, I tookt he rind and boiled the f**k out of it, adding the seeds in once mom was finished flavoring her syrup with them. added a glug of white vineger to see if that did anything.
a while later, we get something that dyes wool a brown.

I'm putting it in the fridge to set for a while. the liquid is pretty red and I hope I can get something neat out of it.

meanwhile, I'm gonna order a whole buttload more spinable fiber for this break. considering it took me maybe 7 hours to go thru a quarterpound, and that involved figuring out how to work the damn thing, and keep tightening it.... but I spun up a quarterpound of long-fibered wool dyed by sakina needles and two-plyed it and have it blocking in mom's bathroom. whee.

right now I keep playing with the merino combed top I finished spinning. more stuff will be made this winter break,,,, just two more weeks...

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