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Nov. 3rd, 2007 | 09:10 am

I kinda got distracted this week with trying to spin a sock weight yarn.I'm about half way done... dunno if I'll have enough for socks. oh well.
meanwhile finished a yello cotton sock, started on it's mate's toe, started a sock with the boot wool. I'm finally getting thru the sock yarn! well, I have two more pairs to make once I finish making the mates to the finished ones. need to figure out something to make with t he leftovers...
meanwhile, yesterday crocheted a pillow bunny with the chunky handspun that I kool-aid dyed, and one of those netted hats that are so popular, crocheted with the pink and blue handspun. worked on the pinkie for argento-chan and sorta made a myspace for greenie and friends in lou of a proper website. last week I made a nice scarf out of the mawata silk I bought and spun up. I plied it which make it even cooler. and I made a scrubbie for the kitchen, and something else but I can't remember what. ah well....
anyway, found my animal eyes. and I'll try to make more friends for greenie (the original one is for sale at wholly craft!)

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