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Oct. 24th, 2007 | 12:11 pm
mood: tired tired

so many things in progress... but last night was productive and finished up a few things.
first, I actully spun some silk worm coocoons into yarn and croheted it up into a little scarf. it's so warm and soft and snuggly, I just love it. and it was just as easy as I read.
I crocheted up a little scrubby cloth for the kitchen and I crocheted up in two evenings a kitty rug. atticus, the rather large boy cat that rules the house seems to enjoy it, but andy-kitty is terrified of it. I think we scare her too much. oh! and I finished up a hat on monday. thought I was completely out of my white fuzzy yarn, but of course after I use another green yarn to finish up the trim and the ears, I find another ball! I might use it to add kitty ears to the hat and some kind of glove trim.

and so, there are many scarfs, lace, and critters in my project bin that are waiting to be finished. I think the sock I have with me is ready for a few rows of ribbing and binding off.

but! I've been working on a knitting culture paper... I say another hour or two on it and it'll be ready to be dragged around for everyone to read. ((gimmie a TA job, pwease!?))

god, I hope I get that camera for christmas. this blog is bare and is in need of pictures... esp of my lovely new scarf. *snuggles and purrs in it*

and meanwhile I should really find somethign to replace my aspercreme. it gave me hives yesterday and alieve isn't cutting it at all. stupid wrists...

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