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Oct. 10th, 2007 | 07:17 pm

omg! my hand is going to fall off before I'm done.

didn't get the gallery spot. owner says she's trying to phase out plushies. ;_; this makes maya a sad kitty. however, I do have an appointment with a consignment shop here in columbus and I'll be heading over there tommrow to make them sell mah stuff.

purple and orange socks.

the in process of making
cool striped socks 1: just have to bind off and weave in ends
cool striped socks 2: foot and heel of one sock finished
yellow and blue socks: foot almost finished of one sock
pink two headed critter: body done, needs heads, tail and limbs
fall afghan: halfway done?

to make:
bunny socks for kate
bag for mellie

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